• 4 Important Things You Need To Know About Dog Boarding Services

    Do you feel like your dog deserves more care, attention, and socialization? Maybe you have limited time or are planning to take a vacation and can't take your dog with you. Whichever your reasons for considering dog boarding services, you might want to prepare your dog for this new and exciting experience. This should also give you peace of mind knowing that your pet is in kind hands. The following are some tips to follow when preparing your dog for enrolling in the boarding facility.
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  • Boarding a Dog With Dementia—Is It Possible?

    Dementia is an all too common condition, with one in seven Americans over the age of 70 living with this cognitive disorder. Dogs can also be affected by a form of dementia, known as canine cognitive dysfunction (CCD). This affects a surprisingly high percentage of dogs, most typically over the age of 11, with some estimates suggesting that up to 60% of older dogs can experience the condition. As a pet parent, this can put you in a difficult position when you need to board your dog.
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