• At-Home Skunk Treatments For Your Furry Pal

    Dogs are naturally curious animals, sniffing everything and everyone, including other animals. They don't know that the cat they are sniffing has huge claws, or the possum they are trying to sniff can tear it to shreds if it wants, or that black and white animal with a long tail will lift that tail and spray him as a defense mechanism - dogs just don't know these things. You'll know it though if your dog is sprayed by a skunk.
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  • How a Boarding Center Can Calm an Aggressive Anti-Social Dog

    Dogs are social creatures that love spending time with other people and even other dogs. Unfortunately some dogs suffer from an inability to mingle with others of their species. Many dog owners think this is a hopeless situation, but thankfully, dog boarding can break this habit in both young and older dogs. Aggressive Dogs May Lack Dog Socialization The main reason that dogs are aggressive towards other dogs is a lack of socialization.
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