How a Boarding Center Can Calm an Aggressive Anti-Social Dog

Posted on: 10 January 2017

Dogs are social creatures that love spending time with other people and even other dogs. Unfortunately some dogs suffer from an inability to mingle with others of their species. Many dog owners think this is a hopeless situation, but thankfully, dog boarding can break this habit in both young and older dogs.

Aggressive Dogs May Lack Dog Socialization

The main reason that dogs are aggressive towards other dogs is a lack of socialization. They may have spent their whole lives surrounded by humans without ever spending time with another dog. As a result they feel that they are the "king of the roost," so to speak, and will try to assert their dominance over any dog they see.

This kind of behavior is also common with dogs who lack good control or who have been spoiled or indulged. Breaking this cycle of behavior can seem impossible for some dog owners, but dog boarding experts know how to do it quickly and efficiently.

Boarding Forces Socialization

Adult dogs who have lacked that important socialization with other dogs will get plenty of it at a dog boarding center. They won't have much choice, as they'll be surrounded by other canines like them. Dogs are very smart and they recognize the inherent difference between animals and humans. As a result, socialization with humans by no means gives the dog the help they need to socialize with their own species.

In a dog boarding center, they will be placed in a situation in which they must adapt to socialization with their species. For most dogs, this socialization will take some time to master, but it can happen. This is particularly true if the boarding center has skilled handlers who know how to push a dog in the right direction by asserting their dominance over them.

Dog Boarders Know The Importance Of Dominance

The term "dominance" here doesn't mean that the dog boarders will lord over the dog or boss them around in an aggressive way. All it means is that they are confident and now how to show dogs that they are in control of situations. Dogs that are aggressive towards others are desperately trying to assert a dominance in order to have some control.

In a dog boarding kennel, the handlers are trained to show this dominance in a way that immediately puts a dog at ease. The dog will no longer feel the frustration of lacking a leader and will understand their place in the pack. This will help cool their aggressive behavior and make them more friendly and civil towards other dogs.

With the help of professional dog boarders, it is possible to turn an aggressive and anti-social dog into a friendly mingler. It won't happen overnight, but it is possible to transform their behavior and make them sociable with other dogs.


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