Veterinarians: 3 Invaluable Services They Can Provide

Posted on: 19 March 2015

While pet owners are aware of the emergency services that veterinarians provide, most probably aren't aware that regular visits to pet physician's office can often eliminate some of the more traumatic emergencies their pets can experience. At any rate, there are numerous reasons for scheduling routine visits to the veterinarian's office. This article outlines some of the services veterinarians offer and how they can benefit your pet.

Dental Services

You might have heard that a canine's saliva has certain disinfectant and regenerative properties. Many people, in lieu of this fact, tend to think that dog's are essentially immune to periodontal diseases, or dental problems at all for that matter. Unfortunately, a dog's bacteria-fighting saliva does not preclude it from the possibility of dental complications. Dogs still need their teeth cleaned and inspected regularly, and having these services performed by a veterinarian can really make their life easier.

Dog owners know that their little canine rascals can be difficult when it comes to trying to brush their teeth or force feed them probiotics, but veterinarians are adept at not only making this process a comfortable one for your pet, but a quick one as well.


Veterinarians can also provide micro-chipping services for those who fear their pet may wander off and get lost. Especially for those who live in the city, micro-chipping can represent an invaluable insurance policy against the fear of losing your pet. It is also beneficial for owners of rare and expensive breeds who fear that someone might try to steal their pet and sell them for a profit. Whatever the reason, micro-chipping is one of the best ways to keep track of an irreplaceable companion.


Vaccinations are vital to the health of your pet, and they're much more than simple shots to satisfy the local Humane Society. Vaccinations protect pets from a host of animal-borne illnesses, including common sicknesses like rabies, distemper, and parvovirus. Protection against these last two are especially important as they can result in ailments that are not only painful and agonizing for your pet, but which can ultimately be fatal.

For cats, vaccinations can help protect against the contraction of illnesses like calicivirus and even forms of leukemia. Both of these maladies can cause severe physical traumas and have fatal consequences if not treated at the earliest onset.

Ultimately, while veterinarians are generally only called upon in emergency circumstances, it is important to consider scheduling your pets for more frequent visits to help prevent the onset of fatal and illnesses and infections. For more information, visit a pet clinic like Ark Veterinary Hospital.


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