Getting Your Dog Ready For Summer

Posted on: 27 March 2015

The weather is turning nice and you're getting excited about doing more outdoor adventures with your dog. Your favorite canine would agree, but there are a few ways to prepare them to face the heat and higher activity levels after the winter lull.

Here are some ways to get your dog ready for the summer so they'll be safer and happier on your outings:

Schedule an Annual Checkup

This is a good time to get your dog in for an exam. They may have put on a few pounds over the winter because of less activity. The vet can recommend a high-protein, lower-calorie food to get your dog back into shape.

The vet will check your dog's bones and joints for any issues. Your dog will push on with you in spite of any degenerative diseases in their joints that may be causing them pain. Arthritis in older dogs does happen and your vet can recommend treatments to reduce the joint inflammation so your dog will enjoy their runs in the park.

Get your dog's vaccinations up to date during this visit. If you'll be taking any trips and pet boarding is in your dog's future, a vaccination against kennel cough will protect them from getting an illness from the other animals.

Talk with your vet about taking precautions against fleas and ticks, especially if you'll be hiking off-trail in overgrown areas. Flea and tick treatments, sprays and collars are available to use before the outing to prevent these parasites from infecting your pet.

Time for a Trim

Take your dog in to a pet grooming service for a summer cut. They will be much cooler on those long hikes or runs. Like humans, dogs can overheat in the sun and a lighter coat of fur is one way to prevent any heat exhaustion.

Have the hair around the face and ears trimmed. These are favorite places for fleas and ticks to land on your dog. Dogs that have ears that fold over the ear canal can also get more debris built up in their ears, requiring you to swab or wipe them out frequently. Trimming the hair around the ears keeps them cooler and less likely to collect material.

Get the nails trimmed, too. They may have grown out over the winter. Summer activities such as running and walking on pavement, rocky paths and hard dirt help to keep the nails worn down naturally.

Gear Up Your Dog

Now is the time to pick up new equipment to make your outings with your dog safe and more enjoyable. A backpack for your dog to carry small items, an extra-long leash, portable dog food and water bowls and special trail treats are a few of the items to consider. If you take your dog boating, make sure they have a working life vest. While dogs do swim, should they fall overboard in the middle of the lake, they can get tired treading water and may drown before you can get to them.

Enjoy camping, hiking and boating with your dog this summer. Make this a safe and fun summer with your dog by getting them ready for the season.

For more help on preparing your pup, try contacting a company such as Abraxas Pet Resort with any questions or concerns you have.


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