Needs That May Make Your Pet Better Suited For A Private Sitter Rather Than A Kennel

Posted on: 25 January 2016

If you have a pet dog and have never used a kennel or private pet sitting service, you may be wondering which type of service is best for your pooch. Kennel operations generally have more space, but they will likely have other pets at their location. The following information will help you to identify certain circumstances that may make a private sitter a better option than a large facility. 

Sensitive to Noise

Dogs that are sensitive to noise may find it difficult to stay in a kennel for an extended amount of time. This is because the noise may make them nervous or upset. Unfortunately, there is likely not much a kennel operator can do about a noisy kennel since there will likely be several dogs staying at a kennel at any given time, which means loud barking. 

Enjoys Private Play

Some dogs are introverted. They enjoy spending their play hours alone. This might be the case with your pet if they are the only pet in the home and rarely have interactions with other dogs. If you are unsure whether your dog interacts well with other dogs due to them spending a great deal of time at home, take your pet to a park or a pet-friendly store and observe their behavior. 

Still a Puppy

Kennels will take proactive measures to protect younger dogs from aggressive adult dogs. Yet a young puppy that is still learning and growing might find it difficult to transition from a home environment to a kennel. If possible, gradually introduce them to a kennel environment by allowing them to initially visit the kennel for short amounts of time. Reserve longer time frames for private sitting until your pet is older.

Special One-on-One Needs

Rescued pets often come with a number of special needs. If your pet is a rescue animal, they may need more one-on-one time and nurturing. Since kennels are responsible for multiple dogs, they may not have a staff person who can solely focus on your dog. A private sitting arrangement would allow you the chance to discuss your pet's individual needs, and you may be able to negotiate extra payment terms to ensure that you have a sitter who only takes care of your pet during the designated sitting times.

There is also the matter of your needs and concerns as a pet owner. If you are apprehensive about using a kennel, then you may want to consider a private sitting option to ensure that you are not distracted from what you need to get done. 

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