Proper Dog Training Service Available For Your Dog

Posted on: 18 August 2016

All dogs can benefit from being trained. Dogs are pack animals and respond best when they recognize their pack leader and know what actions they can use in any situation. Also, all dogs come from different backgrounds and have had different experiences prior to becoming part of your family. Too much or too little freedom can be compensated for with basic obedience and socialization skills. If you have a dog, you can train them for your specific needs and situation.

Obedience Dog Training - Every dog should have basic obedience skills to be a good pet. The first skill that a dog can learn is to accept you as their pack leader. Once this is established, your dog can be taught many other skills. These skills can give your dog basic respect for you and allow them to feel comfortable in all public and private situations. Basic dog training skills and commands include: 

  • Come - This command teaches your dog to come to your side and follow you wherever you go. 
  • No - This command teaches your dog to stop what they are doing and wait for your next command. 
  • Okay - This command teaches your dog to proceed or continue with their present activity.
  • Sit - This command teaches your dog to hold their forepaws straight out in front of them and put their butt on the ground.   
  • Stay - This command teaches your dog to not move from their present position.  
  • Wait - This command teaches your dog to stop what they are doing and wait for you next command.
  • Leave It - This command teaches your dog to stop chewing or touching any object. 
  • Down - This command teaches your dog to lie down wherever they are and wait for your next command. 
  • Heel - This command teaches your dog to circle around your feet and sit at your side. 

Service Dog Training - A dog that is properly trained can become a service dog for the blind, hearing impaired, elderly, or otherwise disabled. A dog can be trained to individually respond to your particular needs and actions and to help you when needed. Service dog training is often accomplished with hand signals. These signals are simple and well defined from each other. 

Dog Socialization Training - A dog needs to learn that there are many other animals in the world and that they must have respect for each of them. Socializing your dog to other animals can calm your dog's fears and teach them to look to you for their protection. 

Dog Problem Modification Training - Whatever individual problems your dog may have can be trained out of them. This training teaches your dog to look to you before they begin or complete any action. Thorough knowledge of your dog and his or her tendencies is needed to be able to modify any of their problem actions. 

With proper dog training, your dog can become a true friend and member of your family. You dog can thrive in a situation where they know their bounds and know that they are safe because you are there to guide them. Find a dog training facility near you and give your dog the confidence and knowledge they need by properly training them. For more information, contact local professionals like The Pet Spot Pet Resort.


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