Does Your Dog Need Day Boarding?

Posted on: 17 October 2019

Welcoming a dog into your family can enhance your life in many ways. Caring for your new furry friend can also create some unique challenges that you will need to address in order to ensure your pet is safe and happy at all times.

New owners who work long hours during the week may be wondering if leaving their pet home alone is acceptable. Many dogs do well when left to their own devices, but some require more hands-on care to prevent destructive behaviors. You can use these guidelines to help you determine if your dog is a good candidate for day boarding in the future.

Energy Level

The first thing you will want to consider when deciding if day boarding is right for your dog is his or her energy level. If you have a dog who enjoys long walks, hikes, or runs, then day boarding can be beneficial. Staff members are available throughout the day to engage with your dog to help manage energy levels.

A high-energy dog that is left home alone for long periods of time may turn to destructive behaviors (like chewing or scratching) for an energy release. Day boarding will keep both your high-energy dog and your home in good condition.


Another important factor to consider when determining if you will take your dog to a day boarding facility is his or her level of socialization. Some dogs get along well with other dogs and enjoy playing with their canine friends. Other dogs may be natural loners, finding the company of other dogs a bit bothersome.

A lot of shelter dogs who are adopted may lack the socialization skills needed to safely interact with other pets. Be sure that your dog doesn't display signs of aggression or engage in fighting with other dogs before you choose day boarding. If your pet's socialization skills need some improvement, a day boarding facility can help you find an experienced trainer.

Anxiety Levels

Anxiety isn't a disorder that is exclusive to humans. Your dog can experience anxiety when you leave for work each day. Many dogs suffer from separation anxiety and may become depressed if left alone for too long.

An anxious dog can benefit from the companionship and care that is provided at a day boarding facility. Your pet will be happy to see you return from work at the end of the day but will feel minimal anxiety when you drop him or her off at the day boarding facility each morning.

You can learn more by contacting a dog boarding service near you, one like Country Comfort Inn.


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