Did You Just Get A New Bunny? 4 Benefits Of Regular Rabbit Grooming Services

Posted on: 26 July 2022

Keeping your rabbit healthy and happy is one of your biggest priorities. In the wild, rabbits are often exposed to elements in their environment that help them to do things such as keep their nails trimmed. Since your pet spends less time outdoors, you'll want to help make sure to use rabbit grooming services to provide your favorite little bunny with these important benefits.

Reduce the Risk of Gastrointestinal Blockages

People tend to love a rabbit's soft fur, but it can get too long and develop mats. Similar to cats, your rabbit may also lick their fur and develop hairballs. Too much hair in your bunny's digestive system can lead to blockages that make them sick. Rabbit grooming involves trimming and brushing their fur so that they take less into their bodies. With regular grooming, your rabbit will also spend less time engaging in fur-licking and other habits that expose them to hair and pathogens from their environment.

Keep an Eye Out for Health Issues

During a grooming session, a groomer takes their time to check your rabbit's skin and fur for signs of a health problem. For instance, a rabbit with large amounts of fecal matter on their underside might be dealing with diarrhea from an infection. Your rabbit's groomer will let you know if they notice skin irritation and other issues that might require a visit with the vet.

Make Sure Their Scent Gland Is Clear

Your rabbit has scent glands that are located near their chin and in their pelvic region. Occasionally, the ones near their genitals can get clogged, which can lead to your rabbit developing a strong odor. Additionally, the hard, waxy substance can be uncomfortable for your rabbit. Rabbit grooming services include cleaning the scent glands so that your pet is comfortable and smells their best.

Help Your Rabbit Get Used to Being Handled

Domesticated rabbits tend to love being pet and cuddled, but they still require some exposure to other humans to help them feel comfortable with being handled. Taking your pet to a groomer helps them to get socialized. Regular grooming sessions give your rabbit a chance to spend time around other people while also being handled in different ways than they are at home. Over time, this helps them to become more comfortable in a variety of different situations so that your bunny will be ready to play with the next new person they meet.

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