What Do Groomers Do With Short-Haired Dogs?

Posted on: 4 May 2023

You're probably used to watching long-haired dogs walk out of the grooming shop looking all styled and trimmed. Indeed, this is a big part of the work that dog groomers do: trimming long-haired dogs' coats. But did you know you can also take a short-haired dog to a groomer? Here are the key things that a dog groomer can do with a short-haired dog. 

Brush and shed their coat

Even short-haired dogs can benefit from being brushed. The brushing will stimulate their skin to release more healthy oils, which will help prevent dry skin while also keeping their coat looking lush and smooth. Brushing will also remove a lot of their loose hair so the loose hair does not end up all over your home. In fact, during shedding season, your groomer may use a specific shedding brush to capture more of the loose hair.

Trim nails

Dogs should have their nails trimmed regularly. Regular trims ensure your dog can continue to stand comfortably on their feet, which helps prevent paw discomfort. A groomer will trim and file your dog's nails so you don't have to worry about this for a few weeks at least. They may also be able to show you how to trim your own dog's nails at home.

Trim paw and ear hairs

Even short-haired dogs sometimes have extra long, shaggy hairs between their toes and inside their ears. Some also have long hairs on their face and under their belly. These hairs can pick up moisture and mud when it has rained, allowing your dog to drag gunk into the home. And ear hairs can make your dog look a little unkempt and untidy. A groomer can trim all of these hairs, which will keep your dog looking better and cleaner.

Checking pads and ears

A groomer will also take a close look at all of your dog's paw pads and the inside of their ears. If they see any signs of a fungal infection, injury, or other ailment, they will let you know so you can take your dog to the vet and seek the proper care. Dog owners don't always have the easiest time looking at these areas themselves, so it's helpful to have the groomer do it.

Even if your dog has short hair, it is helpful to take them to a groomer. The groomer can complete all of the tasks above, helping to keep your dog in good health.

Contact a local dog grooming service to learn more. 


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